Trees are self-optimising organisms. They will grow in such as way as to maximize their structural stability and to optimize their capacity to capture sunlight. However, factors beyond the tree's control can render them hazardous to people or property.

The responsibilities placed upon tree owners through both common and statute law is not always clear. Wotton Tree Consultancy Ltd are all too happy to advise where clarity is needed.

There is a legal duty of care extended to tree owners to ensure that people or property are not harmed through negligent management of trees on their land.

Wotton Tree Consultancy can put your mind at ease and at the same time, satisfy your legal duty of care under both the Occupiers Liability Act 1954 & 1981 and the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 by undertaking a thorough inspection of your trees.

Alternatively you may simply wish to have a comprehensive record of your trees and their state of health. We can provide surveys and management plans to facilitate the long term future care of your trees.

We are not affiliated to any tree surgeons and so you can rest assured that only necessary tree works are recommended to satisfy your legal duty of care, saving you money on expensive and unnecessary tree surgery.

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