A house is often the most expensive purchase we ever make. Trees can influence the property's structural integrity and so it is prudent that before you sign the contract, any trees within the curtilage of your property are inspected, and the liklihood of them causing future damage is assessed.

Trees can cause damage to property through direct impact, and indirectly through roots dessiccating the soil below the foundations, causing subsidence. Tree removal can also affect the foundations through the process of heave, and so a professional tree assessment is always a good investment before exchanging contracts.

Well maintained trees can greatly enhance your garden, and studies have shown that their presence have great benefits to physical and mental well-being. A homebuyers tree report will contain a suitable tree management plan so that the trees can be enjoyed for many more years. Furthermore, the report will identify any defects in the trees, recommend necessary remedial works and give an estimated costs for the tree surgery to be undertaken.

It is often the case that mortgage lenders ask for a tree report to be undertaken at the eleventh hour in order to secure the mortgage. At Wotton Tree Consultancy we understand that buying a new home can be a trying experience, and reports can be issued at very short notice when required.

We are accredited by the Consulting Arborists Society as Mortgage and Insurance Experts so you can be assured of an efficient and professional approach.

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