From small garden trees to large estates and development sites, at Wotton Tree Consultancy Ltd
our aim is to provide the highest quality service designed around our clients needs.
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Tree reports for planning applications

Wotton Tree Consultancy-BS5837 survey

From the smallest projects to large development sites, we provide tree reports in accordance to British Standards 5837:2012 to facilitate the planning process. We can annotate CAD drawings to include the necessary tree data and ensure your projects run smoothly. Click here

Tree condition surveys and reports

Wotton Tree Consultancy-tree condition reports and surveys

Whether you have a single tree in a garden or a vast tree filled estate, we can provide reports and surveys to assess the condition of your trees. As we have no affiliations to any tree surgery companies you can rest assured that only necessary tree works are recommended. Click here

Tree related subsidence reports

Wotton Tree Consultancy-tree related subsidence reports

Tree roots can effect the soil beneath a structure's foundations, causing it to subside, although this is only one of many possible causes. Subsidence investigation is a multi-disciplined subject. We have the arboricultural expertise and experience to facilitate an effective solution. Click here

Woodland surveys & management plans

Wotton Tree Consultancy-woodland management

We produce effective management plans to ensure a sound silvicultural future for your woodland. Click here

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Homebuyers tree reports

Wotton Tree Consultancy-mortgage tree reports

The right tree in the right place is a great asset to your home. We'll ensure it doesn't become a liabilty. Click here

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