Subsidence is every homeowners worst nightmare. It must be remembered that there is always a remedial solution, but first the cause of damage must be located.

On certain clay soils, the removal of soil water by tree roots can cause the soil to shrink. If this happens in close proximity to the foundations of a structure it can cause the structure to subside.

All too often trees close to the seat of damage are the first things to be removed. This could lead to unnecessary tree loss, a waste of financial resources and possible further structural damage through soil heave should the tree be older than the property.

Furthermore trees are not the only cause of subsidence, and so it is paramount that appropriate investigations are carried out to locate the cause of damage. It is only then that the necessary repair works can be undertaken.

With our knowledge and experience in dealing with tree root related subsidence issues for a local authority we can offer a professional and efficient service offering expert arboricultural advice.

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